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As the title says, we're looking for people to take over the group. Many of us have lost a lot of the time to manage the group, and the quality of managing the group is decreasing. We believe it's time for us to hand over this great group to other hands who could take much better care of it.

There will be multiple phases of how this may work, as we would need to discuss with the new founder what positions would be needed, but until then, let's just look for a new founder.

We will require some form of a resume. It doesn't need to be a professional resume, but we are looking for someone that managed deviantART groups before since this is a fairly large group and we can't simply hand it over to someone that has no experience.

So mainly here's what we're looking for:

- Responsible people
- Previous experience running deviantART groups
- Enthusiasm for Smite
- Some experience, whether it be related to deviantART or not, working on a team/managing a team.

If you think you fulfill the above traits, create a resume with the listed experiences and any other tips that you think will be relevant.

Email the resumes to:

Thanks guys, GLHF!
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Submitted on
March 17, 2017


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